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Course 388001 - Nuts & Bolts of Negotiation (HBR Collection)
  Course Description
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This Course is based on the electronic .pdf file(s) The Nuts & Bolts of Negotiation (Harvard Business Review Onpoint Collection)
by: Harvard Business Review   (2003 )
Field of Study: Communication & Sales
CPE Credit: 5 Hours
Level: Basic
Prereqs: None
State Exceptions: Not Accepted in CA DC ID LA NC NM OK & VT
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There is no book for this course. The course is based on an electronic .pdf file which you can download now.
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Electronic Downloads:
Overview - The Nuts & Bolts of Negotiation
by: Harvard Business Review, 2003, 2 pages
Download Now
Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators
by: James K. Sebenius, Apr 2001, 12 pages
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Negotiating the Spirit of the Deal
by: Ron S. Fortgang, David A. Lax, & James K. Sebenius, Feb 2003, 12 pages
Purchase Req'd
Turning Negotation into a Corporate Capability
by: Danny Ertel, May-Jun 1999, 13 pages
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Course Description:
Based on a Harvard Business Review collection of articles, Nuts & Bolts of Negotiation covers those aspects of negotiation which make or break deals and dramatically affect your career and your company’s bottom line. The first of the articles, “Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiations” by James K. Sebenius, demonstrates that by understanding the other guy’s priorities, you can shape his decisions so that he chooses what you want. Article two, “Negotiating the Spirit of the Deal” by Ron S. Fortgang, David A. Lax, and James K. Sebenius, emphasizes the importance of a social contract dovetailed with an economic contract. Finally, the third article, “Turning Negotiation into a Corporate Capability” by Danny Ertel, focuses on the creation of a corporate negotiation infrastructure which includes determining objectives, preparing to negotiate, conducting the negotiation and review. Please note that because of copyright permissions you will not be able to download the PDF files until after purchase.

Course Topics:
Leaving Money on the Table Damaging Working Relationships
Negotiation Mistakes The Social Contract
Risk Factors Conducting a Negotiation Audit
Developing Corporate Capabilities Linking Negotiation to Corporate Strategy
Measuring Success The Deal – Customer Relationship Cycle
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