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Effective Business Communications
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Effective Business Communications
by: Dr. Jae K. Shim, Ph.D., 2014, 133 pages

15 CPE Credit Hours
Communication & Sales

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Chapter 1 - Communication as a Process

1.    The communication process does not include:   
2.    ________________ is the process of interpreting a message.   
3.    Douglas MacGregor is associated with:   
Theory A Theory B
Theory X Theory Y
Theory X Theory Z
Theory M Theory N
4.    _________ is not one of Abraham Maslow’s sequences of needs.   
Professional needs
Ego needs
Social needs
Physiological needs

Chapter 2 - Choosing Appropriate Words

5.    Kinesic (non verbal) messages are not conveyed by   
6.    Messages in letters that we pick up ”between the lines” are   
Meta communication
Social communication
7.    Superlatives do not include   
8.    Which one of the following is not a redundant expression   
Routine, usage
Exact, same
Full, complete
Basic, fundamental
9.    An example of a meta-communication is:   
“I hope you will be prompt”
10.    An example of words that does not waste time and distort the meaning includes:   
Promulgate, masticate
Aware, show
Ameliorate, cognizant
Modification, accomplished

Chapter 3 - Writing Effective Sentences

11.    Which of the following is not a type of sentence?   
12.    Subjunctive mood suggests the following conditions except   
13.    _________________ is not passive mood   
The truck was driven
The pen was empty
The papers will be signed
The man drove the truck
14.    For business writing, average sentence length should be   
Between 16 and 22 words
Between 6 and 10 words
Between 35 and 40 words
Between 2 and 4 words
15.    If a portion of a sentence is not properly attached to the rest of the sentence it is said to be   
16.    In a letter, report, or speech a central idea refers to all except   
Central idea

Chapter 4 - Writing Paragraphs and Compositions

17.    Which of the following statements is true?   
A topic sentence (major idea of a paragraph) is preferably placed about the middle of the paragraph
In letters, paragraphs are normally shorter than in reports
When a paragraph is written to persuade, the arrangement should be deductive
In reports, the paragraphs should contain no more than ten lines and no fewer than eight

Chapter 5 - Planning Messages for Reader Reaction

18.    Planning a message does not include   
Designing to convey the right message
Writing for the right purpose
Evoking an emotional reaction
Making sophisticated sentences

Chapter 6 - Writing About the Routine and the Pleasant

19.    Types of business writing problems do not include   
Claim letter
Credit letter
Social letter
Order letter
20.    A letter that asks for a refund or replacement or exchange is defined as:   
Credit letter
Claim letter
Order letter
Request letter

Chapter 7 - Writing About the Unpleasant

21.    Types of letters about the unpleasant do not include   
Adjustment refusals
Credit refusal
Order refusal
Legal refusal
22.    In writing about an unpleasant message it is best to:   
Talk about something only remotely related to the subject
Provide reasons first to clarify the explanation before presenting the unpleasant idea
Give an elementary lecture
Employ a strong resale pitch at the beginning

Chapter 8 - Writing to Persuade

23.    Which of the following is TRUE regarding a sales letter?   
The task of the first sentence of a sales letter is to introduce the proposal.
Before writing a sales letter, the writer needs to become familiar with the product and competing products.
“We shall expect a response from you” is a commendable sentence for encouraging action.
In sales letters, general words are more useful than specific words.
24.    A message that attempts to change an audience's attitudes, beliefs, or actions is a(n) ________ message.   
25.    Which of the following statements is TRUE?   
The central selling point can be either an outstanding feature of a product or an advantage a reader gains by using the product.
Language that is specific, concrete, and objective is less effective than language that is general, abstract, and subjective.
The price of a product should be introduced early in the letter.
The price of a product should be presented in a short, simple sentence.
26.    Various techniques in getting attention include all except   
A solution to a problem
An insult
A bargain
A proverb
27.    A letter to a delinquent debtor does not appeal to   
Fair play

Chapter 9 - Writing Special Letters

28.    Which of the following is FALSE?   
Letters of introduction are developments of social and business courtesy.
The technique of placing the inside address at the bottom of the informal letter helps remove the aura of a routine business letter.
Handwritten acknowledgments indicate informality.
Letters of sympathy should be handwritten. This extra effort indicates the genuineness of the sympathy expressed.
29.    Writing special letters does not include   
Condolence of sympathy
Product orders

Chapter 10 - Preparing Personal Resumes

30.    A person who deserves a job should be able to answer all except:   
Do I want to work
Can I do something specific
Would I be loyal
Would I be uncooperative
31.    A resume should not include   
Unrelated experiences
Work-related experiences
Personal information

Chapter 11 - Writing Application Letters

32.    The application letter is used to sell your merits by:   
Sounding humble
Getting attention and interest
Repeating resume information
Copying a letter written by some other person
33.    From the applicant’s point of view, the unsolicited application letter also has advantages except:   
Increases the job selection for the applicant
It does not assist in getting a better job
Meets with less competition
Could create a job position for the applicant
34.    Which of the following statements is true?   
The application letter follows the same sequence-of-idea pattern as does the sales letter
The application letter should repeat information presented on the resume
An applicant should state specifically “Please consider me an applicant for the position”
Firms normally resent applications for jobs that have not been advertised
35.    In application letters some attention getters include all the following except:   
Ask for action: Please consider me for the position
Present outstanding qualifications
Describe and match your education and experience to the job requirements
Use the name of someone in the organization
36.    An example of a letter that turns down a job is:   
Job-inquiry letters
Job-refusal letters
Job-acceptance letters
Application follow up letters

Chapter 12 - Business Reports and Research Methods

37.    Commonly used research methods do not include   
Experimental research
Observational research
Normative survey research
Diligent research
38.    __________ is not part of the report outlining process.   
The problem
Method used
39.    Logical steps in problem solving include all except   
Recognize and define the problem
Select a method of solution
Speculate on outcomes
Collect and analyze data
40.    _____________ should not be on the title page of a report.   
The title
Identification of authority
Identification of preparer
Page number
41.    ___________________ is not a search engine:   
Ask Yourself
Bing Search
42.    A method used to determine the status of something which describes norms or standards is:   
Library research
Experimental research
Normative survey research
Observation research
43.    Common errors by researchers in collecting and organizing information can include all the following except:   
Follow a step-by-step plan
Trying unconsciously to make the results conform to the predicted or desired results
Attempting to compare when commonality is absent
Assuming a cause-effect relationship when one does not exist

Chapter 13 - Organizing Reports

44.    The normal order of the report outline process follows steps that include the following numerical order: 1) Recognize and define the problem; 2) Select a method; 3)Recommendations and conclusions; 4)Findings   
1, 2, 4, 3
1, 3, 2, 4
3, 1, 4, 2
1, 2, 3, 4
45.    The outline symbols developed by Dewey and used in most libraries including the Library of Congress consists of:   
Alphabetic symbols
Decimal symbols
Roman numeral symbols
Alphanumeric symbols
46.    The formal report may include the following parts except for:   
Letters of transmittal
Title page and content page
Synopsis of summary, body, and addenda
Statistical software
47.    Evidence that lends credibility to a report is included in the:   
Transmittal letter
Synopsis of the summary
Title page
48.    Business report charts do not include   
Pie charts
Candlestick charts
Bar charts
Line charts

Chapter 14 - Using Graphics in Reports

49.    A visual display of quantitative data in two or more columns is:   
50.    A graphic technique that dramatizes quantity comparisons through the use of pictures of cars, people or dollars is:   
Bar chart
Pie charts
Line charts

Chapter 15 - Writing the Report

51.    Which of the following statements is true?   
Using personal pronouns is taboo in all formal report writing
“Bill wrote to Bob” is an active-voice revision of “Bob received a letter from Bill.”
“The writer discovered…” is a satisfactory revision of “I discovered…” to eliminate the use of “I.”
“Notice the chart on page 15 which…” has an implied subject for the verb “notice” and is written in passive voice.
52.    When writing the business report in an impersonal style you should try to avoid:   
First-person pronouns
53.    Reports usually involve some kind of actions, suggesting the use of the active voice. An example of active voice is:   
The contracts were reviewed by the attorney.
The attorney reviewed the contract.
The contract was signed by the judge.
The contract was approved by both the attorney and the judge.
54.    Which of the following statements is true?   
The following statement is an effective definition: Salesmanship is when one person convinces another of the need for a product or service
“Public Undecided on Strip Mining” would be a satisfactory talking heading for a section of a report containing data on a consumer poll which showed that 30 percent of those polled favored permission to strip mine coal, 40 percent were opposed, and 30 percent were undecided
First-degree headings should always be centered on the page and second-degree headings placed on the margin a double space above the narrative.
Repetition of an idea without repeating key words is the best way to achieve transition.

Chapter 16 - Finishing the Report

55.    ______________ is not part of a business plan.   
A summary of product or service
Company background
56.    Objective writing is not characterized by:   
Use of inferences
Avoidance of emotional terms
Use of unsolicited judgments
Recognition of assumptions
57.    Words that are frequently used by good writers to reveal the degree to which they are to stand behind their findings are:   
Weasel words
58.    _____________ is not a generally accepted method of documentation:   
Internet sources
Textual references to sources

Chapter 17 - Preparing Memorandums and Short Reports

59.    Reports should be   
60.    Which one of the following is not a short-report characteristic?   
Flow downward
Flow upward
Stress objectivity
Small readership
61.    Which of the following is TRUE?   
Memorandums should be written and planned in the same way letters are rather than follow report methods.
In an inductively organized memorandum, the first paragraph serves the different purpose as an introduction section of a report.
In a deductively organized memorandum, the first paragraph serves the different purpose as a summary serves at the beginning of a formal report.
Memorandums and short reports differ in degree of subject complexity, reader needs, and ultimate use; a true distinction is often difficult.
62.    Some characteristics of business reports such as the memorandum will include all the following characteristics except:   
The reports flow downward from higher authorities
The reports stress objectivity, planning and organization
The reports are written for small readership often one
The reports follow problem-solving steps.
63.    Memorandums are characterized by:   
They flow upward to higher authorities
They stress objectivity and attention to planning and layout
They flow in various directions
They are usually written for small readerships, often one person
64.    The simple short business report usually differs from a memorandum by:   
Use of a standard address: FROM: and TO:
Use of a subject: and date heading
Normally requires a rough draft prior to a final version
Flows from bottom to top or any other direction

Chapter 18 - Listening and Making Oral Presentations

65.    Effective listening does not include:   
Watch the speaker
Listen between the lines
Think along with the speaker
Think of what your response will be
66.    Which of the following statements is true?   
Listening is our most frequently used communicative skill
The ear is the key instrument in effective listening
The speed at which oral messages are delivered would not be a factor in listening if people would slow down their speaking rate
Speakers have nothing to do with activating bad listening habits
67.    The key instrument in effective listening is:   
The ear
The eyes
The mind
The speed
68.    Public speakers normally use one of four styles such as when a speaker is called on to speak but has no forewarning. That is:   

Chapter 19 - New Technology in Business Communication

69.    ______________________ is not an example of social networking sites:   
70.    ________ technologies can convey nonverbal subtleties such as facial expressions and hand gestures and enable realistic conferences in which participants thousands of miles apart almost seem to be in the same room.   
71.    Financial or money blogs do not include   
72.    Matthew has discovered a production problem that will cause this month’s shipments to be a few days late. Because his Asian customers will need to know about this problem right away, Justin should   
Write a letter
Send a memo
Send an e-mail message
Post a blog
73.    __________________ is not a GSS software package.   
Collabra Share
74.    What allows two or more people to engage in online, interactive “conversation” over the Internet?   
Content streaming
Chat room

Chapter 20 - Appendix

75.    E-mails can be divided into three parts:   
Introduction, body, closing
Purpose, methodology, proposed action
Greeting, body, conclusion
Introduction, methods, proposal