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Course 411004 - Social & Organizational Behavior
  Course Description
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This Course is based on the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
by: Malcolm Gladwell   (2002 )
Field of Study: Communication & Sales
CPE Credit: 10 Hours
Level: Basic
Prereqs: None
State Exceptions: Not Accepted in CA DC ID LA NC NM OK & VT
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Course Description:
Defining that precise moment when a trend becomes a trend, Malcolm Gladwell probes the surface of everyday occurrences to reveal some surprising dynamics behind explosive social changes. He examines the power of word-of-mouth and explores how very small changes can directly affect popularity. Perceptive and imaginative, The Tipping Point is a groundbreaking book destined to overturn conventional thinking in business, sociological, and policy-making arenas.

Course Topics:
Three Rules of Epidemics Connectors
Mavens Salesmen
The Stickiness Factor The Power of Context
The Magic Number: 150 Search for the Unsticky Cigarette
Focus, Test and Believe Lessons from the Real World
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