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Course 181002 - Not-For-Profit Accounting: Reporting And Analysis
  Course Description
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This Course is based on the electronic .pdf file(s) Not-For-Profit Accounting: Reporting And Analysis
by: Delta CPE   (2014 )
Field of Study: Accounting
CPE Credit: 7 Hours
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Prereqs: None
State Exceptions: None
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There is no book for this course. The course is based on an electronic .pdf file which you can download now.
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Electronic Downloads:
Not-For-Profit Accounting: Reporting And Analysis
by: Delta CPE, 2014, 104 pages
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Course Description:
Business organizations obtain resources by providing goods and services. Many not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) obtain resources from contributors and are accountable to the providers of those resources or to their representatives. In general, GAAP requires not-for-profit organizations to issue a statement of financial position, a statement of activities, and a statement of cash flows. The focus is on the organization as a whole and on reporting assets, liabilities, and net assets; changes in net assets; flows of economic resources; cash flows, borrowing and repayment of borrowing, and other factors affecting liquidity; and service efforts. This course addresses the accounting and financial reporting for NFPOs (or NPOs) ---colleges and universities, healthcare providers, voluntary health and welfare organizations (VHWOs), and other not-for-profit entities such as religious, educational, social, recreational entities. Also addressed is financial analysis and ratios that can be useful to analyze financial fitness of NFPOs.

Course Topics:
Sources of GAAP Endowment Funds that Are Donor Restricted
Public Colleges and Universities Fund Accounting
Hospital Accounting Public Support and Revenue
Liquidity Analysis Contributions Made to Not-For-Profit Healthcare En
Evaluation of Grants Audit Reliability
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