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Course 571007- Freakonomics
  Final Exam
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571007v - Freakonomics

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Final Exam
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Read 'Chapter 1: Introduction: The Hidden Side of Everything' & answer the following question(s):
1. The cause of the rise in crime in the early 1990s was:
2. What was the name of the criminologist that predicted optimistically, crime would increase by 15% over the next decade and, pessimistically would more than double?
3. Who was the defendant in a class action lawsuit seeking to legalize abortion in 1970?
4. McCorvey's name was disguised as:
5. The founder of classical economics was:
6. After a fine was enacted for picking up children late from a daycare center in Haifa, Israel, the number of late pickups:
7. What was the name of the standardized, multiple choice exam where every student in the third, sixth and eighth grade had to manage a minimum score in order to be promoted?
8. High stakes testing was part of which law mandated by the federal government signed by President Bush in 2002.
9. Who was the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools who wanted to make sure that the teachers identified by the algorithm as cheaters were truly cheating -- and then did something about it by commissioning a retesting of the study.
10. Data suggests that both sumo wrestlers and their stables may be rigging matches.
11. A key fact of white collar crime is that we hear about only a very slim fraction of people who are caught cheating. Most embezzlers lead quiet and theoretically happy lives; employees who steal company property are rarely detected.
Read 'Chapter 2: What do SchoolTeachers and SumoWrestlers have in common?' & answer the following question(s):
12. If the Klan itself was defeated, however, its aims had largely been achieved through the establishment of ______ laws
13. Atlanta- the Imperial City of the KKK's Invisible Empire, in Klan jargon- was also home to ______________, a thirty year old man with the bloodlines of a Klansman but a temperament that ran opposite.
14. According to the author, the following is a true statement:
15. A big part of the real estate agent's job, it would seem, is to persuade the homeowner to sell for less than he would like while at the same time letting potential buyers know that a house can be bought for less than its listing price.
16. In the real estate market, the term "Corian" is correlated to a higher sales price.
17. An analysis of 160 episodes of the show The Weakest Link suggests that Hispanics suffer which type of discrimination?
Read 'Chapter 3: How is the Ku Klux Klan like a group of Real Estate Agents?' & answer the following question(s):
18. What was the name of the gang that was the basis of S. Venkatesh's report on Chicago's poorest black neighborhoods?
19. Who was the gang member who gave S. Venkatesh the gang's financial books?
20. If drug dealers make so much money, why are they still living with their mothers?
21. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most dangerous job in the United States is :
22. The problem with crack dealing is the same as every other profession:
23. One of the few ways a foot soldier could distinguish himself- and advance in the tournament- was by
24. What is demonstrably true is that Oscar Danilo Blandon helped establish a link-between Colombian cocaine cartels and inner city crack merchants - that would alter American history. By putting massive amounts of cocaine into the hands of street gangs, Blandon and others like him gave rise into a devastating crack boom. And the gangs like Black Gangster Disciple Nation were given new reason to exist.
25. While crack was hardly a black-only phenomenon, it hit black neighborhoods much harder than most. The evidence can be seen by measuring the indicators of societal progress. After decades of decline , black infant mortality began to soar in the 1980's, as did the rate of low birth weight babies and parent abandonment.
Read 'Chapter 4: Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?' & answer the following question(s):
26. Madame Ceausescu was known officially as :
27. Ceausescu's incentives produced the desired effect. Within one year from the abortion ban, the Romanian birth rate had doubled. These babies were born into a country where, unless you belonged to the Ceausescu clan or the Communist elite, life was miserable.
28. The evidence linking increased punishment with lower crime rates is very strong. Harsh prison terms have been shown to act as deterrent (for the would be criminal on the street) and the prophylactic (for the would be criminal who is already locked up)
29. The broken window theory was conceived by criminologists:
30. There are enough guns in the United States that if you gave one to every adult, you would ran out of adults before you ran out of guns.
31. Who was the economist and main champion of this idea: "We need more guns on the street, but in the hands of the right people."
32. The aging of the American population contributed to the reduction of crime.
33. According to the author, what sort of woman would most likely take advantage of Roe vs. Wade?
34. Which two factors show the strongest predictors that a child will have a criminal future?
35. What a link between abortion and crime does say is this: when the government gives a woman the opportunity to make her own decision about abortion, she generally does a good job of figuring out if she is in a position to raise the baby well. If she decides she can't, she often chooses abortion.
Read 'Chapter 5: Where have all the criminals gone?' & answer the following question(s):
36. A swimming pool is less frightening than a gun.
37. Student who entered a technical school or career academy performed substantially better than they did in their old academic settings and graduated at much higher rate than their past performance would have predicted.
38. Which monumental project did the US Department of Education undertake in the late 1990's?
39. The school typically attended by the typical black child is not the same school attended by the typical white child, and the typical black child goes to a school that is simply:
40. There is essentially no black white test score gap within a bad school in early years once you control for student's backgrounds. But all students in a bad school, black and white, do lose ground to students in good schools.
41. Studies have shown that a child's academic abilities are far more influenced by the I.Q.'s of his biological parents that the I.Q.'s of his adoptive parents, and mothers who offer up their children for adoption tend to have significantly lower I.Q.s than the people who are doing the adopting.
42. In a paper entitled, " The Nature and Nurture of Economic Outcomes," economist Bruce Sacerdote found that by the time adopted children become adults, they had veered sharply from the destiny that IQ alone might have predicted.
Read 'Chapter 6: What makes a perfect parent?' & answer the following question(s):
43. The first official act a parent commits is :
44. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 "whitest" girl names:
45. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 "blackest" girl names:
46. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 "whitest" boy names:
47. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 "blackest" boy names:
48. Using _________ to control for other factors that might influence life trajectories, it was then possible to measure the impact of a single factor-- in this case a woman's first name -- on her educational, income and health outcomes.
49. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 most common middle-income white girl names:
50. According to Fryer's study, what were the top 2 most common low-income white girl names:
51. Parents are reluctant to poach a name from someone too near -- family members or close friends--but many parents, whether they realize it or not, like the sound of names that sound "successful."
52. What the California data names suggest is that an overwhelming number of parents use a name to signal their expectations of how successful their children will be. The name isn't likely to make a shard of difference. But the parents can at least feel better knowing that from the outset, they tried their best.
Read 'Chapter 7: Perfect Parenting, Part II' & answer the following question(s):
53. In Levitt's view, economics is a science with excellent tools for gaining answers but a serious shortage of interesting questions. His particular gift is to ask such questions.
54. What is the famous unifying theme of the economics department of the University of Chicago?
55. According to Levitt, who was the most influential economist of the last fifty years?
56. Who was the NBA first round draft pick and cocaine user whose death in 1986 caused Congress to pass legislation requiring a five year mandatory sentence for selling just five gram of crack.
57. Who is the psychology professor who started a lifetime of self-experimentation?
58. What was the name of the 1976 law enacted in New York that fined $50 for failing to pick up after your dog?
59. The most fundamental rule of economics is that a rise in price leads to less quantity demanded.
60. "The IRS role is to help the large majority of compliant tax payers with the tax law, while ensuring that the minority who are unwilling to comply pay their fair share."
Read 'Chapter 8: Epilogue' & answer the following question(s):
Read 'Chapter 9: Bonus Material Added to the Revised and Expanded 2006 Edition' & answer the following question(s):
Read 'Chapter 10: Notes' & answer the following question(s):
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